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Dan Tilley has been one of the park's best supporters for years. All of the Tilley-named features around the park are named after him. Notice in this photo how he's carrying plastic that he's collected on his walk (see next photo also). Be like Dan and pick up trash and recyclables. Dan once told me that 30 minutes of hiking around Rockville is better for relieving stress after a day's work than a couple of martinis! I agree, Dan!

On his walk around the lake, Dan Tilley collected trash left behind by other park visitors.

Another park volunteer on bicycle patrol.

Volunteers taking pondweed out of the lake.

Volunteers from the California Wood Duck Program come and set up nesting boxes for wood ducks every year. Then they monitor the nests, and when the nesting season has finished, they remove the boxes.

Before nesting season, the lake is fairly full, and it's a hike back and forth with equipment. Here the volunteer is carrying the ladder back to the shore.

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