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Aleppo Pine probably  *  non-native
Pinus halepensis
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I have found three of these small trees in the park. The smaller two I haven't seen for a while. They were surrounded by poison oak most of the year and I could only pick them out when the poison oak lost its leaves. But for the last couple of years I just couldn't find them. The larger one continues to grow and hopefully will make it into a full-fledged tree. (See update towards the end of the page.)

One of the smaller trees.

The other small tree.

One branch died off but it didn't seem to spread to the the rest of the tree.

On 9 Jul 2018, I went to check on the pine tree. As I approached it, I saw a lot of other debris piled up there (manzanita branches, I think) and no pine. And as I got next to the pine, I saw that it was on the ground and all brown.

But it wasn't that it had been crushed by the other debris--it had been sawn off at the ground! I was so mad! The little pine is not native to here, but then, a whole lot of the other plants are not native either! Grrrrrr!

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