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Armenian Blackberry


Bioletti's Cudweed

Black Nightshade

Blow Wives

Blue Elderberry

Bolander's Knotweed


California Bay Laurel

California Buckeye

California Chicory

California Cudweed

California Hoptree

California Manroot

California Milkmaids

California Plantain

California Sandwort

California Skullcap

California Yerba Santa

Campanulate Woodland Star

Canyon Nemophila


Chaparral Clematis

Chaparral Honeysuckle

Chinese Houses

Climbing Bedstraw

Common Bedstraw

Common Catchfly

Common Chickweed

Common Garden Pea

Common Lippia

Common Pacific Pea

Common Sandweed

Common Wild Radish

Common Woodland Star

Common Yarrow

Coyote Brush


Distant Phacelia

Dog Fennel


European Heliotrope

False Pimpernel

Fernald's Iris

Few-flowered Collinsia

Field Hedgeparsley

Flaxleaf Horseweed


Giant Mountain Dandelion

Greene's Saxifrage

Ground Iris

Hairy Bird's Beak

Hairy Bittercress

Hillside Woodland Star

Hollyleaf Cherry

Imbricate Phacelia

Kellogg's Yampah

Knotted Hedgeparsley

Lobb's Aquatic Buttercup

Longspur Seablush


Miner's Lettuce

Miniature Lupine

Narrowleaf Milkweed

Narrowleaf Miner's Lettuce

Narrowleaf Onion

Pacific Madrone

Pacific Poison Oak

Pacific Popcornflower

Pale Smartweed

Perennial Pepperweed

Prickly Cryptantha

Purple-striped Morning Glory


Rigid Hedgenettle

Roughleaf Aster

Rusty-haired Popcornflower

Shepherd's Needle

Shepherd's Purse

Shortspur Seablush

Sky Lupine


Spanish Lotus

Sticky Cinquefoil

Sticky Mouse-ear Chickweed

Strawberry Tree

Subterranean Clover

Thimble Clover

Thyme-leafed Sandmat


Tropical Horseweed

Valley Tassels

Variable Linanthus

Vernal Pool Popcornflower


Wavyleaf Soap Plant

Western Marsh Cudweed

White Horehound

White Sage

Wild Carrot

Wild Hyacinth

Woolly Cotoneaster

Wright's Cudweed

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