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Plants by Common Name
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  A Mighty Tree
  Aleppo Pine probably
  Amanita section Vaginatae
  Andricus albobalani Wasp
  Andricus schickae Leaf Curl Wasp
  Antitrichia californica probably
  Armenian Blackberry
  Arroyo Willow
  Baby Blue Eyes
  Bark and Burls
  Beaked Twig Gall Wasp
  Big Quaking Grass
  Bigleaf Maple
  Bigleaf Mistletoe
  Bioletti's Cudweed
  Bird's-eye Gilia
  Bird'sfoot Cliffbrake Fern
  Bird's-foot Trefoil
  Black Nightshade
  Black Witch's Butter
  Bleeding Oak Crust Fungus
  Blow Wives
  Blown Grass
  Blue Elderberry
  Blue Toadflax
  Blue-eyed Grass
  Blushing Bride Amanita
  Bolander's Knotweed
  Bolander's Water-starwort
  Bolete Mold
  Brachythecium maybe
  Brass Buttons
  Brown Witch's Butter
  Bryum dichotomum maybe
  Buckeye Leaf Curl Fungus
  Bulbous Bluegrass
  Bullet Gall Wasp
  Burnettweldia sp. Wasp
  Buttery Collybia Mushrooms
  Button Lichen
  Cabbage Bud Gall Midge
  Calcareous Rimmed Lichen
  California Bay Laurel
  California Bee Plant
  California Black Oak
  California Broom
  California Buckeye
  California Buckeye Conkers
  California Bur-clover
  California Buttercup
  California Chicory
  California Coffeeberry
  California Cottonrose
  California Cudweed
  California Fuchsia
  California Golden Chanterelle
  California Golden Violet
  California Goldfields
  California Hoptree
  California Jumping Gall Wasp
  California Lomatium
  California Maidenhair Fern
  California Manroot
  California Milkmaids
  California Mycena Mushrooms
  California Oak Gall Wasp
  California Pipevine
  California Plantain
  California Polypody
  California Poppy
  California Rayless Butterweed
  California Sagebrush
  California Sandwort
  California Skullcap
  California Wild Rose
  California Wood Fern
  California Yerba Santa
  California Yerba Santa Fungus
  Campanulate Woodland Star
  Candleflame Lichen
  Canker Rot of Oak
  Canyon Larkspur
  Canyon Nemophila
  Capillary Thread-Moss
  Cat's Ear Gall Wasp
  Cercospora Leaf Spot
  Chamise Achene Gall
  Chamise Blister Gall Mite
  Chamise Rosette Gall
  Chaparral Broomrape
  Chaparral Clematis
  Chaparral Honeysuckle
  Chaparral Nightshade
  Chaparral Pea
  Chaparral Rein Orchid
  Cheilymenia stercorea
  Chilean Trefoil
  Chinese Houses
  Christian's Hollyleaf Cherry
  Climbing Bedstraw
  Club Gall Wasp
  Clustered Clover
  Clustered Gall Wasp
  Coast Live Oak
  Coast Range Dudleya
  Coccora Mushrooms
  Coffee Cliffbrake Fern
  Coffeeberry Leafminer
  Coffeeberry Midrib Gall Moth
  Common Bedstraw
  Common Catchfly
  Common Chickweed
  Common Fiber Vase
  Common Fiddleneck
  Common Garden Pea
  Common Greenshield Lichen
  Common Grey Disco Fungus
  Common Groundsel
  Common Hareleaf
  Common Lippia
  Common Pacific Pea
  Common Powderhorn Lichen
  Common Puffball
  Common Sandweed
  Common Sowthistle
  Common Spikerush
  Common Sunburst Lichen
  Common Sunflower
  Common Toad Rush
  Common Wild Oats
  Common Wild Radish
  Common Woodland Star
  Common Yarrow
  Complex Pluteus semibulbosus
  Coral Gall Wasp
  Coral Tooth Fungus
  Coyote Brush
  Coyote Brush Bud Gall Midge
  Coyote Brush Leaf Blister Mite
  Coyote Brush Rust
  Coyote Brush Stem Gall Moth
  Coyote Mint
  Cramp Balls
  Crater Lichen
  Crimson Clover
  Crystalline Gall Wasp
  Curl Moss maybe
  Curly Dock
  Cutleaf Geranium
  Cutleaf Plantain
  Dacrymyces capitatus
  Danny's Skullcap
  Dendroalsia Moss
  Diderma Slime Mold
  Disc Gall Wasp
  Distant Phacelia
  Dog Fennel
  Dogtail Grass
  Domestic Almond
  Dove's-foot Geranium
  Downy Pincushion Plant
  Drippy Blight
  Dung-loving Deconica
  Dwarf Nettle
  Dwarf Owl's Clover
  Dwarf Pearlwort
  Dwarf Sack Clover
  Elegant Clarkia
  Elegant Sunburst Lichen
  Emery Rocktripe Lichen
  English Plantain
  Epinotia Leafminers
  European Fruit Scale
  European Heliotrope
  Exidia sp probably
  Exobasidium arctostaphyli
  False Pimpernel
  False Puffball Slime Mold
  False Turkeytail Fungus
  Fernald's Iris
  Few-flowered Clover
  Few-flowered Collinsia
  Fiddle Dock
  Fiddleneck Flower Gall Nematode
  Field Burrweed
  Field Hedgeparsley
  Field Mustard
  Filbertworm Moth
  Fimbriate Gall Wasp
  Firedot Lichen
  Fitch's Spikeweed
  Flange Gall Wasp
  Flaxleaf Horseweed
  Fluffy Dust Lichen
  Fluted Bird's Nest Fungus
  Foothill Lomatium
  Forked Ookow
  Four-spot Clarkia
  Fruit Fly Gall
  Giant Mountain Dandelion
  Giant Sculptured Puffball
  Gilled Polypore
  Giraffe Spots
  Golden Ear Fungus
  Golden Milkcap Mushrooms
  Golden Yarrow
  Goldenback Fern
  Goldspeck Lichen
  Gouty Stem Gall Wasp
  Gray Midrib Gall Wasp
  Gray Pine
  Greene's Saxifrage
  Ground Iris
  Groups of Oaks
  Hair Stalk Gall Wasp
  Hairy Bird's Beak
  Hairy Bittercress
  Hairy Bracket
  Hairy Crystalwort
  Hare's-foot Inkcap Mushrooms
  Harvest Brodiaea
  Heart Rot of Oak
  Heartleaf Milkweed
  Hedge Mustard
  Henbit Deadnettle
  Hillside Woodland Star
  Hollyleaf Buckthorn
  Hollyleaf Buckthorn Leaf Spots
  Hollyleaf Buckthorn Leafminer
  Hollyleaf Cherry
  Homalothecium nuttallii
  Honey Mushrooms
  Honeysuckle Aphid
  Hooded Sunburst Lichen
  Horse Mushrooms
  Hygroscopic Earthstar
  Hyssop Loosestrife
  Imbricate Phacelia
  Irregular Spindle Gall Wasp
  Ivory Waxy-cap Mushrooms
  Jersey Cudweed
  Jim Brush
  Jim's Oak
  Juniper Haircap Moss
  Kellogg's Tarweed
  Kellogg's Yampah
  Kermes cockerelli Scale
  Kernel Flower Gall Wasp
  Knotted Hedgeparsley
  Lanceleaf Water Plantain
  Leafy Fleabane
  Lion's-mane Fungus
  Liriomyza Leafmining Flies
  Little Quaking Grass
  Little Robin
  Live Oak Apple Gall Wasp
  Live Oak Bud Gall Wasp
  Live Oak Leaf Blister Mite
  Live Oak Petiole Gall Wasp
  Live Oak Witch's Broom Fungus
  Liver Bolete Mushrooms
  Lobb's Aquatic Buttercup
  Longleaf Pondweed
  Longspur Seablush
  Macrodiplosis Leaf Fold Gall Midge
  Madrone Canker
  Madrone Skin Miner
  Many-forked Cladonia Lichen
  Manzanita Art
  Manzanita Big Berry Gall
  Manzanita Death
  Manzanita Leaf Gall Aphid
  Manzanita Red Shoots Gall
  Marmara Leafminer
  Mealy Rim Lichen
  Milk-white Toothed Polypore
  Miner's Lettuce
  Miniature Lotus
  Miniature Lupine
  Minileaf Gall Wasp
  Moss Pygmyweed
  Mountain Moss Deconia Mushrooms
  Multiple Mosses
  Narrow-barred Pigmy Moth
  Narrowleaf Cottonrose
  Narrowleaf Milkweed
  Narrowleaf Miner's Lettuce
  Narrowleaf Mule's Ears
  Narrowleaf Onion
  Netted Crust Fungus
  Nodding Harmonia
  Northern California Black Walnut
  Notchleaf Clover
  Oak Anthracnose
  Oak Burl
  Oak Leaf Blister
  Oak Leaf Blotch Miner
  Oak Leafminer
  Oak Lecanium Scale
  Oak Mazegill
  Oak Powdery Mildew
  Oak Yellow Violet
  Oak-loving Elfin Saddle
  Oakmoss Lichen
  Ochre Spreading Tooth maybe
  Old and Broken
  Oleander Aphids
  Olive Fruit Fly
  Oracle Oak
  Orange Bonnet Mushrooms maybe
  Orange Bush Monkeyflower
  Orange Jelly Fungus
  Orobus-seed Liverwort
  Other Aphids
  Other Mycena Mushrooms
  Other Puffballs
  Other Stereum Fungi
  Other Thistles
  Oyster Mushrooms
  Pacific Cudweed
  Pacific Hound's Tongue
  Pacific Madrone
  Pacific Mistletoe
  Pacific Poison Oak
  Pacific Popcornflower
  Pacific Woodland Sanicle
  Pale Dwarf Sack Clover
  Pale Smartweed
  Palmer's Asterella
  Palomino Cup
  Peak Rushrose
  Pebbled Pixie Cup Lichen
  Peppertree Psyllid
  Perennial Pepperweed
  Perennial Ryegrass
  Pin Molds
  Pinecone Amanita
  Pink Cudweed
  Pink Honeysuckle
  Plate Gall Wasp
  Pleated Inky Cap Mushrooms
  Pleated Marasmius
  Poison Ivy Leaf Mite
  Poison Sanicle
  Polyporus tuberaster
  Prickly Cryptantha
  Prickly Lettuce
  Pumpkin Gall Wasp
  Punctularia atropurpurascens
  Purple Needlegrass
  Purple Owl's Clover
  Purple Salsify
  Purple Sanicle
  Purple-striped Morning Glory
  Pygmy Eye-capped Leafminer Moth
  Pyronema domesticum
  Red Algae
  Red Cone Gall Wasp
  Red Sandspurry
  Red Willow
  Red-belted Bracket
  Redberry Buckthorn
  Redstem Filaree
  Resupinatus sp
  Rhopalomyia sulcata
  Riccardia latifrons maybe
  Rigid Hedgenettle
  Roots and Branches
  Rose Clover
  Rose Rust Fungus
  Rosette Gall Wasp
  Rosy Crust Fungus
  Rough Cat's Ear
  Roughleaf Aster
  Round Gall Wasp
  Round Honeydew Gall Wasp
  Royal Larkspur
  Russet Toughshank
  Russula cerolens
  Rusty-haired Popcornflower
  Sagebrush Gall Mite
  Sagebrush Leaf Gall Midge
  Sagebrush Woolly Stem Gall Midge
  San Luis Purple Sage
  Sand Pygmyweed
  Sandbar Willow
  Santa Barbara Sedge
  Saucer Gall Wasp
  Sausage Flower Gall Wasp
  Scarlet Fritillary
  Scarlet Pimpernel
  Seep Monkeyflower
  Sessile Woodrush
  Shaggy Bracket
  Shamrock Clover
  Sheep Sorrel
  Shepherd's Needle
  Shepherd's Purse
  Shield Dapperling Mushrooms
  Shining Pepperweed
  Shiver Grass
  Shooting Stars
  Short-fruited Filaree
  Shortspur Seablush
  Showy Fringepods
  Shrubby Sunburst Lichen
  Silky Wall-feather Moss
  Silver Puffs
  Silvery Bryum
  Sky Lupine
  Slender Clarkia
  Slender Phlox
  Slender Tarweed
  Small Tarweed
  Smooth Cat's Ear
  Smooth Mule's Ears
  Snowberry Gall Midge
  Soapplant Rust Fungus
  Soft Puffball
  Spanish Broom
  Spanish Lotus
  Speckled Greenshield Lichen
  Sphaerocarpos texanus maybe
  Spined Turban Gall Wasp
  Spiny Bud Gall Wasp
  Spiny Leaf Gall Wasp
  Spinyfruit Buttercup
  Spotted Bur-clover
  Spring Vetch
  Stereum Crust Fungi
  Stereum ochraceoflavum Fungus
  Sticky Cinquefoil
  Sticky Mouse-ear Chickweed
  Strawberry Tree
  Stringy Algae
  Striped Volcano Gall Wasp
  Subterranean Clover
  Succulent Gall Wasp
  Sudden Oak Death
  Sulphur Tuft Mushrooms
  Summer Squash probably
  Sycamore Powdery Mildew
  Taiwanese Photinia
  Tall Annual Willowherb
  Tall Cyperus
  Tall Stephanomeria
  Teardrop Gall Wasp
  Thimble Clover
  Thyme-leafed Sandmat
  Tiny Bedstraw
  Tomcat Clover
  Torrey's Melicgrass
  Toyon Berry Gall Midge
  Toyon Gall Thrips
  Toyon Scab
  Toyon Witch's Broom
  Tree Clover
  Trembling Crust
  Trichia varia
  Trichoderma viride
  Tropical Horseweed
  Tuberous Sanicle
  Turkeytail Fungus
  Twining Snapdragon
  Twisted Moss
  Twisted Stem Gall Midge
  Two-horned Gall Wasp
  Unknown Fiddleneck Knot Gall  (Galls, Diseases, and Pests)
  Unknown Fungus in Tree  (Fungi)
  Unknown Liverworts  (Liverworts)
  Unknown Manzanita Axillary Bud Sprouts Gall  (Galls, Diseases, and Pests)
  Unknown Manzanita Leafy Rosette Gall  (Galls, Diseases, and Pests)
  Unknown Manzanita Woodborers  (Galls, Diseases, and Pests)
  Unknown Oracle Oak Leaf Spot Gall  (Galls, Diseases, and Pests)
  Unknown Sagebrush Stem Gall  (Galls, Diseases, and Pests)
  Upright Pepperweed
  Urchin Gall Wasp
  Valley Oak
  Valley Tassels
  Variable Linanthus
  Velvetfoot Mushrooms
  Venus' Looking-glass
  Vernal Pool Popcornflower
  Violet Fairy Cup
  Warrior's Plume
  Wavyleaf Soap Plant
  Western Amethyst Laccaria
  Western Giant Puffball
  Western Hardwood Sulphur Shelf Fungus
  Western Jack-o-lantern Mushroom
  Western Marsh Cudweed
  Western Rayless Fleabane
  Western Rush
  Western Strap Lichen
  White Horehound
  White Milk Bonnet
  White Sage
  Whitestem Filaree
  Whitetip Clover
  Wild Carrot
  Wild Hyacinth
  Willow Apple Gall Sawfly
  Willow Beaked Gall Midge
  Willow Rosette Gall Midge
  Willow Rust
  Willow Stem Sawfly
  Winecup Clarkia
  Winter Russula
  Winter Vetch
  Wolf's Milk Slime Mold
  Wood Rot on Chamise
  Woodland Groundsel
  Woodland Threadstem
  Woolly Cotoneaster
  Woolly Indian Paintbrush
  Woolly Marbles
  Woolly Oak Aphid
  Wright's Cudweed
  Yarrowleaf Woolly Sunflower
  Yellow Brain Fungus
  Yellow Cobblestone Lichen
  Yellow Field Cap Mushroom
  Yellow Glandweed
  Yellow Leprose Lichen
  Yellow Pond Algae
  Yellow Star Thistle
  Yellow Wig Gall Wasp
  Yellow-gilled Gymnopilus
  Yellow-staining Milk Cap
  Zigzag Larkspur