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Hairy Bird's Beak
Cordylanthus pilosus ssp. pilosus
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There are two areas in the park that have large populations of Bird's Beak. Because the environments are very different and the look of the respective plants seemed different also, I asked Ellen Dean, who is the Curator at the UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity, to help me out. With permission from Park Ranger Teri, I took one typical plant from each location to the UC Davis Center for Ms. Dean to examine and 'key'--the process used for plant identification. The answer was that in spite of differences, the plants from both locations (the Middle / Lower Mystic Trails and the Old Ranch Road Trail) were both Hairy Bird's Beak.

Some of the Mystic Trail Hairy Bird's Beak plants.

Some of the Hairy Bird's Beak plants along the Old Ranch Road Trail.

Old Ranch Road location.

Mystic Trail location.

In this photo and the next, I have pulled the sides back to expose the flower.

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