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Hollyleaf Cherry
Prunus ilicifolia
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The first Hollyleaf Cherry bush I noticed was in the Cliff View area of the park. There were no flowers or fruit, so I had a hard time figuring out what it was. Finally, I used 'holly' as a search term, and found information and photos that made the connection. And when I saw a photo of the fruit, I knew I had seen Hollyleaf Cherry in other parts of the park. Once I knew what I was looking for, I found lots more bushes and trees.

A Hollyleaf Cherry bush in the Cliff View area of the park.

Once the bushes started blooming, I could see many more along the ridgeline to the north and west of the lake.

I'm pretty sure this huge Hollyleaf Cherry tree along the Lower Tilley Trail is the biggest in the park.

And the old Hollyleaf Cherry tree is still helping new ones to sprout.

Update 2018: The new Hollyleaf Cherry bushes here are thriving!

Hollyleaf Cherry bushes are evergreen, so I figure this branch must have been broken somewhere below these leaves.

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