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Armenian Blackberry


California Buckeye

California Wild Rose

Chaparral Pea

Clustered Clover

Common Catchfly

Common Pacific Pea

Common Wild Radish

Cutleaf Geranium

Dove's-foot Geranium

Dwarf Sack Clover

Elegant Clarkia

Few-flowered Collinsia

Field Hedgeparsley

Four-spot Clarkia



Henbit Deadnettle

Hyssop Loosestrife

Indian Warriors

Jersey Cudweed

Lanceleaf Water Plantain

Little Robin

Longspur Seablush

Maiden Clover


Miniature Lotus

Narrowleaf Milkweed

Narrowleaf Onion

Notchleaf Clover

Pacific Cudweed

Pink Cudweed

Pink Honeysuckle

Purple Owl's Clover

Purple-striped Morning Glory

Red Sandspurry


Redstem Filaree

Rigid Hedgenettle

Rose Clover

San Luis Purple Sage

Shooting Stars

Short-fruited Filaree

Shortspur Seablush

Showy Fringepods

Slender Clarkia

Slender Phlox


Spanish Lotus

Spring Vetch

Tall Annual Willowherb

Tall Stephanomeria

Tomcat Clover

Variable Lianthus

Venus' Looking-glass


Whitestem Filaree

Winecup Clarkia

Winter Vetch

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