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Rangers and Other Workers
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Ranger Teri preparing for a group of students.

The Rockville workers are dedicated and hardworking. And sometimes off to the next work site!

Suisun Wildlife Center and Rockville Hills Regional Park workers returning three acorn woodpeckers to the wild. The birds had fallen out of a nest, and were rescued and then taken to the Wildlife Center. When they were old enough and healthy enough to survive in the wild, they were released to that same area of the park, hopefully joining one of the park's established acorn woodpecker colonies.

Park Ranger Still Life.

Yes, there is someone in charge of the wandering cows at Rockville!

The shepherd gets around on 2 wheels.

Outside of the park, workers are busy working also.

Trail work being done in the neighboring Rockville Trails open space.

Ready to roundup the cows from Rockville Trails.

In areas of the park near housing, it sometimes seems like there's always someone with a leaf blower!

The beginnings of the housing pad that was built literally just over the fence from the park.

One day I stopped with my camera to take photos of the work in progress, and the worker stopped and got out of his earth mover. Seriously?

A little more progress on the same house pad.

By the time the housing pad was finished, it was very high!

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