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Bird's-foot Trefoil

Brass Buttons


California Bay Laurel

California Broom

California Bur-clover

California Buttercup

California Coffeeberry

California Cudweed

California Golden Violet

California Goldfields

California Lomatium

California Poppy

California Rayless Butterweed

California Sagebrush

Chaparral Clematis

Chaparral Honeysuckle

Chilean Trefoil

Coast Range Dudleya


Common Fiddleneck

Common Groundsel

Common Hareleaf

Common Sowthistle

Common Sunflower

Common Wild Radish

Coyote Brush


Fernald's Iris

Field Mustard

Fitch's Spikeweed

Flaxleaf Horseweed

Foothill Lomatium

Giant Mountain Dandelion

Golden Yarrow


Ground Iris

Hedge Mustard

Hollyleaf Cherry

Kellogg's Tarweed

Miniature Lotus

Narrowleaf Mule's Ears

Nodding Harmonia

Oak Yellow Violet

Orange Bush Monkeyflower

Pacific Cudweed

Pacific Woodland Sanicle

Pale Dwarf Sack Clover

Peak Rushrose


Poison Sanicle

Prickly Lettuce

Rough Cat's Ear

Seep Monkeyflower

Shamrock Clover

Silver Puffs

Slender Tarweed

Small Tarweed

Smooth Cat's Ear

Smooth Mule's Ears

Spanish Broom

Spanish Lotus

Spinyfruit Buttercup

Sticky Cinquefoil


Summer Squash probably




Tropical Horseweed

Tuberous Sanicle

Valley Tassels

Western Rayless Fleabane

Woodland Groundsel

Wright's Cudweed

Yarrowleaf Woolly Sunflower

Yellow Glandweed

Yellow Star Thistle

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